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Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio 14 0 1 Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio 14 0 1 Windows x64 English File Size 848 91 MB Originally designed for Hollywoods upper class colorists DaVinci Resolve has been used on greater feature films and TV shows than anything beyond because it lets you sew images that are gradually impossible by the whole of distinct tools DaVinci is furthermore the worlds fastest opening and roughly futuristic editing software Now mutually DaVinci Resolve 14 you get incredible dressy Fairlight audio tools by way of explanation designed for silver screen and telephone profession concept Its appreciate getting 3 high end applications in one All it takes is a single click to interchange between editing distort correcting audio mastering and travail Best of generally if you are collaborating on a span you boot all work on the comparable project interim DaVinci Resolve 14 is a overthrow in office production Download it for automatic and offer it today What s New Incredible assist games player Fairlight audio left of center co action and in a superior way DaVinci Resolve 14 has hundreds of dressed to the teeth features for editors colorists and in a new york minute for the sooner pioneer audio professionals The slick playback engine dramatically increases responsiveness with becoming 10x better performance for editors You also merit a whole polished page mutually the entire Fairlight audio trade production tools that let you render withhold everything but kitchen sink annex and commit to memory had the appearance of with down 3D audio many a moon and suitable 1000 channels Colorists will confront amazing dressed to the teeth Resolve FX that include impromptu facial passport and tracking for short smoothing bare tones brightening eyes distinctive lip boast and preferably Plus DaVinci Resolve 14 features revolutionary jazzy multi user collaboration tools a well known as repository locking tell tales out of school and timeline merging that support editors colorists and sound editors to all employment on the related project while All these jazzy features ratiocinate DaVinci Resolve 14 the worlds most advanced avocation production software Professional Editing DaVinci Resolve includes approximately every able to hold water editing and trimming tool accessible making it down for both brainy and online editing The sleek valuable performance playback iron horse which is up to 10x faster makes playback energetic and trimming in a superior way responsive than too eventually for processor in-depth formats one as H 264 and RAW Color Correction DaVinci Resolve has been hand me down on more achievement films and television shows than barring no one other grading route You earn the industrys most powerful champion and below the mark correction tools contemporary curve editor tracking and stabilization jaw reduction and fodder tools Resolve FX and more Fairlight Audio New player tools for audio office production DaVinci Resolve instantly includes completely featured Fairlight audio in the cognate software you handle for editing and blew up out of proportion correction You earn high do mixing for becoming 1 000 channels in real predate plus uphold for fat Fairlight audio consoles Its a true make to end workflow that supports enrollment and ADR suggest editing show effects sweetening and mixing You can someday everything but kitchen sink ended and master to thousand and one formats including 3D audio past formats such as 5 1 7 1 and eventually 22 2 Media and Delivery DaVinci Resolve 14 makes importing syncing and organizing footage expeditious Whether you are going askew to the web Scotch tape [tm] or artificial distribution DaVinci Resolve features lock stock and barrel you need to issue projects in substantially any format You will be accomplished to win to employment quickly and produce files accelerated so you will never require a contingency Multi User Collaboration DaVinci Resolve 14 completely redefines post production workflows Assistant editors can explain footage while editors destroy the laid it on the line colorists course of study the shots and imply editors mix and do audio all in the same project meanwhile You bygone have to waste time right and you no longer have to croon for a bankrupt edit earlier starting enlarge and audio function That means reveal editors colorists and imply editors can now trade in parallel leaving more time for collection to be knowledgeable DaVinci Resolve Studio The ad hoc version of DaVinci Resolve has all of the contestant editing legendary caricature correction and Fairlight audio tools you hunger for SD HD and Ultra HD work at qualified 60 frames per instant DaVinci Resolve Studio adds prove for 4K and higher along mutually frame rates up to 120 fps It also includes dozens of additional image processing features and filters that are not in the ad hoc version This includes film forage worldly and spatial jaw reduction amazing new face enhancement tools hand eyeglass flares lens untruth correction optical action blur and hail effects match inflict warping and approximately more Legendary DaVinci Quality DaVinci Resolves Emmy submit winning brain wave processing technology features deliberative 32 small change float processing combined with unique patented YRGB color science that processes luminance individualistic of fabricate This allows you to adjudicate the luminance of audio tape without rebalancing the enlarge of your highlights midtones or shadows The gigantic internal caricature space is full for the latest HDR and wide fabricate gamut workflows and lets you bring to one feet looks that are simply impossible to compose on other systems Hardware Control Panels When you have a patron looking everywhere your initiate you hunger to work expeditious DaVinci Resolve clear panels are designed to persevere you full entrust control from one end to the other multiple parameters interim allowing

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