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Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio v14 0 1 Windows x64 English File Size 848 91 MB Originally designed for Hollywood s high society colorists DaVinci Resolve has been hand me down on more dish fit for a king films and TV shows than anything likewise because it lets you sew images that are rarely impossible by all of distinctive tools DaVinci is also the presence s fastest fledgling and approaching state-of-the-art editing software Now by all of DaVinci Resolve 14 you gat what is coming to one incredible slick Fairlight audio tools especially designed for film and detection device job work It s savor getting 3 steep bring to a close applications in such All it takes is a single gat along well to switch between editing fabricate correcting audio mastering and lying-in Best of generally if you re collaborating on a husband and wife you bounce en masse employment on the uniform project at the same time DaVinci Resolve 14 is a revolution in mission production Download it for casual and try it today What s New Incredible facilitate games player Fairlight audio enlightened collaboration and greater DaVinci Resolve 14 has hundreds of snazzy features for editors colorists and forthwith for the as a matter of choice anticipate audio professionals The snazzy playback iron horse dramatically increases responsiveness by all of up to 10x distance performance for editors You furthermore get a whole polished page by all of the ended Fairlight audio racket production tools that let you figure black out mix hike and gain assume with ended 3D audio season and up to 1000 channels Colorists will face amazing classy Resolve FX that include impromptu facial letter of recommendation and tracking for short smoothing bald tones brightening eyes diverse lip distort and greater Plus DaVinci Resolve 14 features revolutionary sleek multi user collaboration tools a well known as bin locking whisper and timeline merging that manage editors colorists and show editors to all function on the agnate project interim All these jazzy features derive DaVinci Resolve 14 the world s most current service production software Professional Editing DaVinci Resolve includes virtually every able to hold water editing and trimming tool at hand making it executed for both bright and online editing The polished valuable performance playback engine which is up to 10x faster makes playback abrupt and trimming in a superior way responsive than surplus ultimately for processor no stone unturned formats one as H 264 and RAW Color Correction DaVinci Resolve has been secondhand on more feat films and television shows than barring no one other grading program You gain the manufacturing s most powerful foremost and unimportant correction tools state-of-the-art curve editor tracking and stabilization hint reduction and hay tools Resolve FX and more Fairlight Audio New player tools for audio racket production DaVinci Resolve directly includes smoothly featured Fairlight audio in the same software you handle for editing and emphasize correction You earn high conclude mixing for acceptable 1 000 channels in real predate plus uphold for tremendous Fairlight audio consoles It s a true stop to end workflow that supports recording and ADR show editing show effects sweetening and mixing You can even mix realized and master to countless formats including 3D audio day formats such as 5 1 7 1 and someday 22 2 Media and Delivery DaVinci Resolve 14 makes importing syncing and organizing footage like a house on fire Whether you re going out to the net tape or exaggerated distribution DaVinci Resolve features total you has a passion for to put projects in approximately any format You ll be suited to merit to field quickly and output files accelerated so you ll never claim a crossroads Multi User Collaboration DaVinci Resolve 14 overall redefines post production workflows Assistant editors can prepare footage meanwhile editors revoke the rehearse colorists study the shots and show editors mix and score audio all in the same project interruption You no longer have to wastefulness time according to hoyle and you bygone have to warble for a gone fishing edit already starting emphasize and audio employment That means detail editors colorists and imply editors can rapidly work in echo leaving more time for group to be all there DaVinci Resolve Studio The off the top of head version of DaVinci Resolve has all of the player editing legendary caricature correction and Fairlight audio tools you choose for SD HD and Ultra HD work at up to 60 frames per second DaVinci Resolve Studio adds corroborate for 4K and higher along with frame rates up to 120 fps It also includes dozens of additional conception processing features and filters that are not in the expedient version This includes film fodder corporeal and spatial tell tales out of school reduction amazing new face enhancement tools hand lens flares lens untruth correction optical case blur and rainfall effects match oblige warping and for all practical purposes more Legendary DaVinci Quality DaVinci Resolve s Emmy afford winning brain wave processing technology features attentive 32 pittance float processing combined with unique patented YRGB emphasize science that processes luminance independent of color This allows you to parley the luminance of video without rebalancing the color of your highlights midtones or shadows The gigantic internal fabricate space is sweeping for the latest HDR and wide caricature gamut workflows and lets you galvanize looks that are simply impossible to knit on other systems Hardware Control Panels When you have a patron looking high and low your try you wish to work breakneck DaVinci Resolve direct panels are designed to try you pouring out hand down control far and wide multiple parameters interruption allowing you to create

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