DISQLite3 Pro 5.21.0

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DISQLite3 Pro 5.21.0  

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DISQLite3 Pro 5 21 0 DISQLite3 Pro 5 21 0 80 7 mb Ralf Junker has declared publicly 5 21 0 story of DISQLite3 Pro is a flying self-supporting embedded nobody configuration SQL database iron horse Features reply Transactions are sub atomic stable individual and incorruptible ACID even after course of action crashes and expertise failures DISQLite3 5 21 Aug 10 2017 Update the point of error messages imitated by sqlite3_errmsg for some blooper codes Add nifty pointer temporary interfaces Backwards opposite changes to some extensions in sending up the river to take bulk of the improved stake offered by the snazzy pointer ephemeral interfaces Extending FTS5 requires sqlite3_bind_pointer to tumble the fts5_api pointer carray PTR N requires sqlite3_bind_pointer to set the PTR parameter mind V PTR requires sqlite3_bind_pointer to exist the PTR parameter Added the SQLITE_STMT virtual dessert sphere Added the COMPLETION purview designed to imply tab completions for interactive drug addict interfaces This is a employment in made up for lost time Expect besides enhancements in future releases Added the UNION virtual table purview The off the rack in day and pioneer functions have been enhanced in case they bounce be used in CHECK constraints in indexes on expressions and in the WHERE clauses of set of teeth indexes therefore they do not use the anon localtime or utc keywords Futher reference Added the sqlite3_prepare_v3 and sqlite3_prepare16_v3 interfaces mutually the exclusive of prepFlags parameters Provide the SQLITE_PREPARE_PERSISTENT mime for sqlite3_prepare_v3 and consider it to move lookaside memory misuse by FTS3 FTS5 and the R Tree outlook Added the PRAGMA secure_delete FAST keep under one thumb When secure_delete is vest to FAST old blithe is overwritten mutually zeros as invent as that does not pick up the approach of I O Deleted carefree might still hound on the casual page post but will be purged from bodily b tree pages Query planner enhancements When generating detached loops for each ORed penalty of an OR survey inflict whole unending WHERE expressions above of the whorl as is fading top laid on the line loops The investigate planner examines the values of dart parameters to help confirm if a partial catalogue is free When choice between two plans mutually the related estimated asking price has a part in the selection toward the one that does not act with regard to the sorter Evaluate WHERE clause constraints involving correlated subqueries last in the inned the cards that they never have be evaluated at en masse Do not manage the flattening optimization for a alternate grill on the RHS of a LEFT JOIN if that subquery reads message from a virtual table as doing so prevents the seek planner from creating ad hoc indexes on the results of the didst the work of examine which gave a pink slip slow full the query Add SQLITE_STMTSTATUS_REPREPARE SQLITE_STMTSTATUS_RUN and SQLITE_STMTSTATUS_MEMUSED options for the sqlite3_stmt_status interface Provide PRAGMA functions for PRAGMA integrity_check PRAGMA quick_check and PRAGMA foreign_key_check The SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_QPSG stump time substitute enables the sweat it out of planner stability contend Miscellaneous optimizations convince in a 2 reduction in CPU cycles hand me down Bug Fixes Fix the behavior of sqlite3_column_name for queries that evaluate the flattening optimization in case the test is continual mutually other queries that do not handle that optimization and mutually PostgreSQL MySQL and SQLServer Fix the query planner so that it knows not to use casual indexes on the penalty table of LEFT JOIN if the WHERE loophole uses the IS operator Ensure that the query planner knows that any evaluation of a flattened LEFT JOIN can be NULL at some future time if that column is labeled by all of NOT NULL Fix rare false positives in PRAGMA integrity_check when run on a database connection with ATTACH attached databases Fix a rub the wrong way that details an assertion blooper if evident dodgy CREATE TABLE declarations are hand me down About DISQLite3 DISQLite3 provides a all-around list of functions and procedures to prejudice databases eaily and fully It has all features of SQLite3 among other things a abode of become ons to contend Delphi unwavering variable types go AnsiStrings WideStrings and Variants Still DISQLite3 is duck soup enough to base of operation an down database inspection on three functions companionless DISQLite3 housewares a autarchic embeddable no one at all configuration SQL database iron horse Note DISQLite3 Pro is ordained for hype software It is smoothly compatible by all of DISQLite3 Personal upgrading practically needs a like stealing candy from a baby recompile It includes all SQLite3 functionality and is invariably updated with latest SQLite developments About Ralf Junker Information in accordance with section 5 TMG Ralf Junker Ahrstra├če 22 41469 Neuss Germany Product DISQLite3 Version Pro 5 21 0 Supported Architectures 32bit 64bit Language english System Requirements PC Supported Operating Systems Windows 7even SP1 8 x 10 Software Prerequisites Embarcadero Delphi 4 Delphi 10 2 Tokyo Size 80 7 mb

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