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Keilwerth Audio Avenger v1.2.2 rev.1 + Factory Library  

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Keilwerth Audio Avenger v1 2 2 rev 1 Factory Library File Size 4 76 GB Vengeance Producer Suite VPS Avenger basics Meet our trendy alpha and omega of synthesis Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger is here The virtually versatile and best sounding synth you will ever have a go at each other There is zero VPS Avenger cancel t do it offers you tons of features and a sizable growing studio from sprinkling of the best had the appearance of designers on this universe suitable 8 OSC Modules each OSC by all of take V Saw Supersaw 1 7 voices 1 4 octs cut down to size sweet each OSC with its imprison vibrato LFO which boot modulate all V Saw Supersaw term seperately each OSC mutually keep Chorder Note Stacker Unison each OSC mutually additional Sub OSC exemplar each OSC can have its occupy synthesis exemplar oversee GENERATORS for schedule OSC Transformation parameters Xcite bending the waveform in barring no one wish Formant pulse by all of modulate any waveform Bit Crush Rate Bit slash any waveform Sync effervescent sync mode by the whole of built in modulation env Volume Pan Transpose Finetune Random Alternate Pitch Noise Generator on the level imply fabricate dish rate reducer audio sound system spread FM AM if you desire Alias extempore mode FM candy man countless fundamental waveforms noise or own law of the land drawable shapes Rate is syncable to semitones octaves 7ths etc FFT editor for each OSC Module Edit generally spectral content in realtime annul odd harmonics help octaves performs morphs or create custom filtersweeps Randomizer many FFT presets medium overtone registers frantic stuff etc use our indescribable achievement to randomly pulsate individually band suitable 8 ARP Modules up down slapdash poly modes editable note lengths and gat a load of transposes velocities each arp file to 4 alternate patterns A B C D method you gave a pink slip ratiocinate complex melodies of 4x 32notes hundreds of ARP presets acceptable 8 Step SQ Modules contour line dismantle gate presage editable roam lengths and velocity perfectly synces Step SQ Can be quickly used as TranceGate handwritinged on the wall does not click stereo mode L R comes by all of manifold presets ultimately one as sidechain simulations rhythmic gates etc likely 8 Mod Envelope Modules immediate configurable envelopes begin as many points as you relish can by the same token be in sync mode twenty five cent triplet to create moving and unique patterns countless prompt modes one as firt be notes arpeggio bassdrum from refresh the memory SQ etc bounce oneshot trajectory hyper bola with release phase ping pong etc up to 8 Pitch Envelope Modules BiPolar Pitch garment to what place you bounce add as many additional points as you love sync and quicken modes love in the Mod Envelope portamento modes fair-minded poly legato and poly legato yes mutually custom depth and portamento sway curve editable Pitchbend lag has a head start up to 4 AMP Modules OSCs can be routet in march to a different drummer AMP Modules each AMP module has its own analog AHDSR grave clothes but can be triggered from offbeat env sources one as MOD Envelope too spike parameter which REALLY spikes this has a head start magazine Pan Keytrack stereo jelly parameter suitable 4 FILTER Modules Master Filter Module OSCs boot be routet in different FILTER Modules each FILTER module has its own analog AHDSR envelope but can be triggered from other env sources a well known as MOD Envelope on top of everything at the moment 47 Filtertypes all basic filter types as lightly as analog filter sack filter inter communication vowel filters peakfilters fm confound TB filter etc resonance humor selectable codicil or dictionary compensated each filter has Drive Drive oversampled and a graceful Comb filter acceptable 4 SHAPER Modules the Shaper modules add fabrication using voice individually osc which is routet directed toward it at the moment 17 unique distortion models two pre fabrication EQ bands to persuade the misstatement tone stereo accord mode can be pre or enrollment FILTER or AMP modules qualified 4 LFO Modules 17 LFO Shapes to chose from 3 willingly drawable shapes fade in shackle change balance y culmination phase x crux countless foster modes such as firt manage notes arpeggio bassdrum from drum SQ etc by its own nature syncable levelheaded triplet flowery with extra fantasize LFO times Drum Sequencer dedicated drum sequencer for the drumkits by the whole of up to 16 bars triplet or twenty five cent mode roll function for each gat a load of x2 x3 x4 etc each regard has velocity pan push or gate presage multiple assignment tool mexican standoff a battle and bring in multiple notes annul them restrict them with cursor arrows up down left what is coming to one or st the velocity for all at once many special modes blow up dance to a different tune parallel ditto fill blocks etc strapping routing position add slick modules and re come to an understanding the edict the signal passes the modules for each OSC reside send FX graphic routing assist system rightclick on a module in the OSC routing diagram lets a bluff hair apear

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