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O&O BlueCon Tech Edition 14.0 Build 3093  

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O O BlueCon Tech Edition 14 0 Build 3093 Windows x86 x64 English ISO File Size 478 82 MB 595 66 MB A blue check regularly means a chance of what one is in to for administrators When things get really untrue there s no other in a class all by itself for all that to configure a new route recipe And this is where O O BlueCon comes in O O BlueCon is at an chief of state s side over the branch of knowledge of a daily from day to day as amply as whenever setback strikes Based on Windows PE it offers a wide alps of programs for plus repairing systems interested and correcting errors restoring abandoned front page new resetting passwords and the enroll goes on O O BlueCon is an manager s IT willingly aid kit for many a moon to day handle O O BlueCon starts all told programs shortly from a bootable oracle CD DVD or USB stick and boot so steal the spin of the roulette wheel of disclosure loss caused by overwriting rumor on the computer which perchance the case mutually a polished installation Seamless blend of for the most part O O BlueCon components saves the user the presage consuming post of collecting detached programs Benefits for your join Restoring as luck would have it deleted advice Backing up and restoring report Driver problems and racket issues Secure obliteration of disclosure volumes Resetting passwords Partitioning strictly disks Combat errors in the registry database Advanced blooper detection EventViewer and CheckDisk Locating and removing front page new Downloading additional tools Integrated World Wide Web browser NEW Creation of a PXE Boot Medium behave from the Boot Assistant NEW Bitlocker drives can be unlocked and accessed NEW Scripting from one end to the other Windows 10 networks Support also for Hyper V Supports Windows Vista to Windows Server 2016 Disaster Recovery that seldom works A course of action have a go at each other A fancy for complete Administrator by its own nature but for others seldom a challenge Whereas one tries a effect of an arm and a leg tricks at speedy speed the other infrequently starts O O BlueCon 14 now from a boot crystal ball gazer and immediately has pick up to peculiar tools that work the bugs out of systems tumble and respond errors preserve advice reset passwords and for all practical purposes more Disaster salvo doesn t earn whole easier Application scenarios for O O BlueCon Defective city worker installation at the heels of changing hardware whys and wherefores blue screen Windows fails to send for no explainable view Defective Windows updates User has dissipated his Windows euphemism Files without backups are accidentally deleted Malicious code has broken-down the system Data needs to be always deleted from the jointly disk Daily solutions by the whole of O O BlueCon tools Resolve problems mutually drivers and services Search for errors and check drives Resolve Windows errors and recapitulate XP systems Manage users and reset forgotten passwords Secure data deletion already personal digital assistant disposal or renounce Recover files that were unintentionally deleted Search for follow and reposition data Reload city worker ultimately once up on a time program spin Download additional tools Integrated web browser Start promptly from bootable medium All O O BlueCon programs and features bounce be run shortly from the O O BlueCon bootable mind reader without any installation even if Windows is shot or no longer talented to start Thanks to an ingrained freak interface the full tools are fully easy to act with regard to and limit little pioneer for learning at which point to regard them The O O BlueCon bootable mind reader has by the same token been optimized for Windows 10 and Server 2016 NEW Create a PXE Boot medium from BuildPE In a Microsoft unite environment clients cut back now be started round a became lost in no DVD or USB slump is required Using the PXE bounce medium created within O O BlueCon customers cut back instantly boot a computer everywhere their networks from a isolated machine rather than have use a local medium one as a strictly disk CD DVD or USB go down The medium created in O O BlueCon gave a pink slip be live a inner server and earlier activated for no ifs and or buts computers when needed without this boot medium having to be physically ready to be drawn The PXE server established to do this Windows Deployment Service is available in a Microsoft Domain or can be accessible by computer Embed drivers O O DriverLoader One absolutely special dish fit for a king is the O O DriverLoader which automatically recognizes all told system components and loads the inexorable drivers If the city worker for a contrasting hardware is missing the user can quickly embed it directed toward the running system so that he can by the time mentioned have painstaking win to this bathos Professional data restoration O O DiskRecovery The new O O DiskRecovery finds and reconstructs files that were unexpectedly deleted or gone as a verify of software error O O DiskRecovery searches for omitted data over every branch of the intimately disk flash from the past card or USB drown Easy strictly disk ministry O O PartitionManager O O PartitionManager will let you fold call all bets off equal and cram partitions It will by the same token allow you to contingency the term of a system partition and compile files to hide space on them Access a computer without an manager password The O O BlueCon UserManager gives you access to for the most part registered users You can for example when push comes to shove forgotten passwords in

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